Modern hip replacement surgery is very durable. There is no age limit and anyone with severe hip disease can undergo total hip replacement providing they are fit for surgery. Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure etc. are not contraindications for surgery as long as they are in control. With good surgical technique most patients can sit on the floor too.

It is extremely important that the surgeon who does your hip replacement is experienced and well trained, as consequences of bad surgery are very serious. The hospital where you have your surgery should have a very low infection rate. Post-operative infection in particular is very difficult to control and generally requires further major surgeries.
There are many types of hip replacement:

  • Cemented
  • Uncemented
  • Hybrid

There are also many bearing options and your surgeon would be the best person to discuss these details with. All you need to know is that modern hip replacement materials and bearings are very durable and reliable and rarely break. A good implant and bearing is the key to long-term success of your hip in addition of course to the quality of surgery.

Total Hip Replacement